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How to Improve Conversions through Surveying

In business, the customer may not always be right, but when it comes to getting better conversions through your website – it pays to listen to what they want. In fact, by asking the right kinds of questions, you can get vastly more information and insights that go well beyond your typical analytics package.

Surveying potential customers is a good indicator of where users may be slipping through the cracks in your sales funnel. Of course, most customers don’t have the time to fill out page after page of questions, so what you ask, and how you ask it, can make all the difference.

With Surveys – Less is More

The first step to writing intelligent survey questions begins with the end in mind. Ask yourself, what goals do you want to achieve with this survey? An open-ended statement like “to find out what my customers want” isn’t a concrete goal, because the answers could be all over the map. Questions without a clear objective also make it impossible to create a prioritized list for your team or developers to focus on.

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Why Headlines Attract More User Attention Than Images

When websites show content, they’ll usually use a headline and image. Headline and image quality is important in getting the user’s attention. However, the headline will always get the most attention no matter what. Here’s why.

Look at this image. How relevant is it to you? What is the context behind the image? One could make guesses all day, but the fact is that nobody knows for sure.

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Green Button vs. Red Button

Should I put a red sign up button or a green sign up button on my page? Which one would get the most clicks? This is a classic problem that people building web products often face. People are constantly trying to figure out the one color that works best for all websites. We’ve been asked this question numerous times: Which color should I change my sign up button to?

The reality is that there is no universal color that works for all websites. There are some patterns that can help you get to the right answer though. The following is a great example of this in practice.

Ok, do us a favor and don’t read ahead. Look at the following two screenshots and answer this question: Which version of this homepage got more signups — red button or the green button?

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A Framework for Site Reviews (with Examples)

Over the past decade, I’ve been part of many reviews of websites, both in-person, as a consultant (prior to 2009) and at many events. I’ve found that much of the time, the reviews themselves lack structure (particularly those that happen “on the fly” during a conference panel or informal sit-down). Thankfully, during my recent face-off with Distilled’s Will Critchlow in London, I had an excuse to noodle on that and work up some ideas.

The Searchlove conference had a unique concept for our classic presentation battle. We were each given three websites to review around 12:30pm and had to give 30 minute presentations using slide decks 4 hours later. My will to win and avenge my depressing loss at Mozcon Seattle was stronger than my jetlag, and I gave the following presentation:

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Using Scientific Knowledge to Bring Structure to Design Problems

Experience design, especially interface design, is perhaps one of the most fertile fields for the idea of scientific design. This is due to several reasons, including:

  • the multidisciplinary nature of interface design teams, which include people with different backgrounds
  • the inherent complexity of software as a product
  • the large number of scientific journals and papers that makes human–computer interaction (HCI) one of the most prolific areas of design research

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6 Steps to Selling More

Properly written e-commerce copy can make a HUGE difference on your website. It’s not uncommon to see proper copywriting increase search traffic by 50% and conversion rates by 30%.

Quality e-commerce copywriting is vital to the success of any online business. Remember, if you’re selling something online, potential customers can’t see or touch your product — they can only read about it. Keep this in mind when crafting product descriptions and writing copy in general.

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E-Commerce Usability

Sites have improved, and we now know much more about e-tailing usability. Today, poor content is the main cause of user failure.

It’s been 11 years since our original studies of e-commerce usability — long enough that it’s definitely worth revisiting the topic. The bottom line? The number of usability guidelines for e-commerce sites has increased from 207 in the first edition of the report to 874 in the new edition. Using this rough metric, we now know 4.2 times as much about e-commerce user experience as we did during the dot-com bubble.

Usability: Marked Improvements

In our study 11 years ago, we recorded a success rate of 56% across 496 task attempts on the e-commerce sites of the day. In our new research, we observed 507 e-commerce task attempts and measured a success rate of 72%.

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The Death and Rebirth of Customer Experience

Des Traynor, COO of Intercom, stresses the importance of good customer communication and explains how to connect to your customers to turn them from idle browsers into active, loyal and passionate visitors

Trading online is seductive. No rent. No property tax. No opening hours. It’s 24/7/365 and more than that it’s worldwide. There’s one thing it isn’t. Personal. Let’s look at two ways to sell CDs.

Rick owns an indie music shop. The sort of shop well satirised in Stephen Frears’s High Fidelity. Rick knows I’m here to research an article, so he ignores me. I wait near the counter watching him study his customers. He is focused on an indie college girl, all pink hair and piercings. She’s expertly flicking through a bin of CDs, analysing them at a rate of five per second. Within only a few minutes she has worked through an entire wall, from Air through to Ziggy Stardust. Rick goes through her purchases at the check-out, studying them, and compliments her choices. They chat in detail about up and coming bands, Rick throws in a couple of singles, and asks her what else she was looking for. He takes some notes, and she says she’ll be back Saturday morning. “Bring your friend, tell him I’ll stock his CD” shouts Richard as she waves goodbye. It would be easy to dismiss this as fruitless flirting, but the seven-foot biker with a basketful of Megadeth receives equal attention. Rick profits when his customers enjoy coming to his shop. He gets it.

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5 Tips For Improving Your Product Landing Pages

It is important for online marketers to create fully optimized landing pages so that users clicking on advertisements are directed to compelling, relevant information that encourages them to interact with the brand.

Mashable interviewed Zach Morrison, vice president of strategy at Elite SEM on best practices for creating landing pages that convert.

1. Optimize the layout and design for Web reading

“Eyetracking research studies have shown that there’s an actual science and method to users’ online behavior and how their brains and eyes digest what they’re seeing on the page,” says Morrison. “What this means is that a Web user is first drawn to look at the top left of the page and then their eyes follow a diagonal line across the center to the bottom right of the page.”

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Developers, UX Is Your Business Too!

Software developers often think the user experience as something better left to either the interaction designers or the visual designers on their teams. In actuality, developers can have profound impacts on the user experience of the products they’re working on. This article will explore some areas of experience design in which the development process has a more direct role. This is not to say that developers can substitute for UX and interaction designers, but they can play a role in making compelling applications.

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