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How Can You Create Website Content That Intrigues Readers?

Website owners are overly concentrated on getting the best graphical layout for their site at all costs but few go further to work on SEO and usability and even less focus on creating website content.

Read on.

There are a few things to consider before writing your site content:

  • The content should provide value to the people visiting the website. It needs to mention information that the viewers may deem it to be beneficial and reasons for them to visit the website. This means that you’ll need to focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than the features.
    • You need to write about the customers, their needs, thoughts and emotions, not fill your web pages with your product or your company. No matter how well you may write, you need to pay attention to your customers in your content.

  • You need to select the words similar to what the customers use when they relate to your product. To know that, a keyword research is to be done to understand how your customers think and how they relate to your product.
  • The tone of content plays an important role as it provides information on your positioning of the products / services, the target market you want to cater to and how well you know the customer.
  • Developing a befitting tone will make your content more compelling and more pleasant to read.
  • If your aim is to inform your site visitors, you can pick a less formal tone and add zing by a tint of humor. Nothing works as good as subtle humor, however if your site comprises formal information, you require a formal tone.
  • You should write naturally, just as you would talk to your friend who suddenly started considering your product or service. Then, after the copy content is written, you may add relevant keywords.
  • Website content writing that’s keyword-smart will help you get ranked in Google, as well as other search engines including Yahoo!, Bing, and more. Website content writing should be clear especially in cases of technical writing, legal writing, and medical writing.
  • People sometimes come looking for answers to their questions, so a creating a FAQ page is beneficial. Not only does the FAQ page provide answers for common questions about your company, it can also have information about your industry in general.
  • If your industry has its own terminology, creating a terminology can aid in educating your target audience and makes it easier to communicate with them. Companies that work in technology, manufacturing, medical or any other industry that relies heavily on industry verbiage especially need to educate their website traffic.
  • It’s a fine line between too little and too much content on a page, and really good website content is developed over time. Website content writing that’s current and kept up-to-date makes a positive statement.  Website content writing in foreign languages can tap a whole new segment of the population. Increasing your online exposure by translating pages of website content is a smart way to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Website content writing that’s thoroughly proofread    on tested websites can speak volumes. Grammatical errors, typos, broken links, and pages “under construction” are embarrassing and should be resolved at the earliest and prior to making your website live on the Internet.


Some tips

  • Put the most important information at the top for your Web users to get meaningful information quickly
  • Objective language  builds credibility, so provide simple words rather than exaggerated words
  • Highlight the text (bold or color, also hyperlink text) for easy scan ability
  • Relevant headlines and subheads
  • Shorter sentences, words and paragraphs to prevent information overload
  • One idea per paragraph
  • The web content has to be 50 percent shorter than print as reading from a computer screen tires the eyes and people read 25 percent more slowly on the web as compared to print material.

via: http://www.imtindia.com/


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