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Green Button vs. Red Button

Should I put a red sign up button or a green sign up button on my page? Which one would get the most clicks? This is a classic problem that people building web products often face. People are constantly trying to figure out the one color that works best for all websites. We’ve been asked this question numerous times: Which color should I change my sign up button to?

The reality is that there is no universal color that works for all websites. There are some patterns that can help you get to the right answer though. The following is a great example of this in practice.

Ok, do us a favor and don’t read ahead. Look at the following two screenshots and answer this question: Which version of this homepage got more signups — red button or the green button?

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3 Usability Issues With Our Online Store Website That Were Uncovered By A Clueless Customer

Even though we’ve been running our online store with the same basic layout for a few years now, I’m continually amazed by how often I find problems with our website and how often I have to make subtle tweaks to improve conversions. I’ve also come to the realization that I’m pretty lousy at predicting human behavior and anticipating how customers will interact with our user interface.

In any case, the issues that I’m about to describe aren’t necessarily “bugs” per se but website usability issues that we discovered from talking to our customers directly.

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Mobile Website Optimisation Part 3 : 7 Considerations When Designing Buttons on Mobile Websites

In Summary: Buttons rule on mobile devices. The rule of thumb means that big, well spaced buttons with clear calls to action will likely result in more conversions.

Before looking at how buttons can make the mobile user experience better we must first understand the way mobile users navigate. Think about the way you hold your phone. More often than not it’s in just one hand and because your fingers are gripping the phone from behind, you are left only with your thumb for navigation of the screen. The thumb is far less precise than a mouse pointer.