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Design Guidelines For E-commerce Product Pages With Eyetracking Data

According to IMRG/Capgemini, it is estimated that UK shoppers spent £13.16bn online in the last quarter of 2008. This is 15% more than the last quarter of 2007.

On the other hand, a statistic by Jupiter Research in September 2007 shows that 42% of 1,179 online shoppers surveyed have left a site without buying a number of products because they were unable to find answers to questions about a product in their shopping basket.

Why and what we wanted to do

I carried out a series of eye tracking studies at cxpartners to look into what shoppers need and prefer to see on a product page to help them make a decision on which products to buy. I also aimed to find out what the best design might be for a product page in helping customers: (1) to be more interested in the product they are about to buy; and (2) to easily find other items that they might need.

Elements that have been looked into in this study include: content of the page (product description, delivery), design (page, fonts, colours), features (recommendations, customers’ reviews) and layout (two versus three columns).

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Why Users Click Right Call to Actions More Than Left Ones

How you design your call to action but­tons can affect whether users click them or not. Most design­ers focus on how their call to action but­tons look. But where you place your call to actions is also some­thing you should think about.

This is because users view home pages in a par­tic­u­lar pat­tern. The home page focal point is the large cen­ter area that users first see when they enter your web­site. It dom­i­nates the top fold of your home page and holds your call to action. When you place your call to action in the area where users look last, you’ll get users to click your call to actions more often.

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