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The Death and Rebirth of Customer Experience

Des Traynor, COO of Intercom, stresses the importance of good customer communication and explains how to connect to your customers to turn them from idle browsers into active, loyal and passionate visitors

Trading online is seductive. No rent. No property tax. No opening hours. It’s 24/7/365 and more than that it’s worldwide. There’s one thing it isn’t. Personal. Let’s look at two ways to sell CDs.

Rick owns an indie music shop. The sort of shop well satirised in Stephen Frears’s High Fidelity. Rick knows I’m here to research an article, so he ignores me. I wait near the counter watching him study his customers. He is focused on an indie college girl, all pink hair and piercings. She’s expertly flicking through a bin of CDs, analysing them at a rate of five per second. Within only a few minutes she has worked through an entire wall, from Air through to Ziggy Stardust. Rick goes through her purchases at the check-out, studying them, and compliments her choices. They chat in detail about up and coming bands, Rick throws in a couple of singles, and asks her what else she was looking for. He takes some notes, and she says she’ll be back Saturday morning. “Bring your friend, tell him I’ll stock his CD” shouts Richard as she waves goodbye. It would be easy to dismiss this as fruitless flirting, but the seven-foot biker with a basketful of Megadeth receives equal attention. Rick profits when his customers enjoy coming to his shop. He gets it.

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