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How to Lose Money With Bad Usability

I’m kind of a nut about usability. Jakob Nielsen is my hero and I live in a constant state of frustration at all the ways today’s systems (and the people who design them) pay little attention to the issue. While usability is an issue in all types of systems, many of the usability sins committed occur on the web.

Bad usability is also expensive. Many developers don’t always connect the dots between usability and revenue but if they did, they could save their organizations time and money, as well as avoid negative branding.

Here’s a recent example. I received an email a few days ago from The Hartford. It looked like this:

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The User Experience And Psychology Of Colour

There is a lot of psychology in colour, and while I don’t claim to be an expert, every now and then I come across something that seems to be rather counterintuitive.

I suppose there are some cultural influences on colour as well, and people need to take these sorts of things into account when designing sites, but there also seem to be some ideas that cross over cultural lines.

Today I want to take a quick look at the colours that I would assume we’d all connect with a certain response – say the colour of success, the colour of failure, and what colours you expect to see in form fields when you are doing things right or wrong. What colours come to mind when you think of a ‘Success‘ message? What colours come to mind when you think of doing something wrong?

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