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Mobile Internet Users 40% Less Likely to Click an Ad

A recent research article by Chitika (an online search advertising company), suggests that mobile internet users are far less likely to click on ads when compared to regular internet users accessing the internet from a pc.

Chitika claims to serve over 2 billion monthly ad impressions across tens of thousands of websites.

The ads in this research were identical in both pc and mobile versions, which allows a more accurate apples-to-apples comparison. Their study examined 92 million ad impressions across a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

Mobile internet users are40% less likely to click an ad as shown in the image below.

The overall ad click-thru-rate (CTR) in this research was .48% for mobile users and .83% for non-mobile users.

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7 Useful Design Strategies for a Successful Pricing Table

One of the most important and difficult pages to design for web applications is the pricing table. When users get to your pricing table, they likely have a basic understanding of your web application and what you offer. Now, they want to know how much they have to pay to use your application. If your pricing table isn’t effectively designed for conversions, you are probably losing potential customers. However, these seven design strategies can prevent that from happening, and convert interested users into paying customers.

1. Soften the Pricing

Users who look at your pricing table want to know the price to each of your plans. However, don’t make it glaringly obvious that they are spending money by emphasizing the pricing. The more they feel like they’re spending their hard-earned money, the less they’ll spend. Instead, soften the pricing and put more focus on the benefits and features of each plan.

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How To Use Google AdWords To Reach The People Who Didn’t Click On Your Ad

Have you ever been stalked… by an ad?

I have. It started when I clicked on an ad for a fitness product. I read through their sales page, considered the offer, and honestly, I was tempted to buy – but I decided not to.

It didn’t end there.

I started to notice this company’s ads everywhere – on Google searches, on image ads while reading completely unrelated sites, and even on YouTube videos.

One day, I was thinking about getting back into shape, and I bumped into the same ad again. I clicked through, and bought the product.

Clearly, stalking me worked for this company – so let’s talk about how you can do the same!

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Marketing: Don’t be a Hater

Since starting at Adaptive Path I’ve discovered a few words that cause unexpected reactions in people from nervous tics to outright diatribes.

Included on this list are “branding,” “advertising,” and “marketing.” This was a bit of a shock for me having come from the world of advertising and graphic design. From what I can tell, the reactions are based on the notion that advertising and marketing are manipulative. And the belief that UX designers create useful services while advertisers use people.

I would like to challenge this perspective and point out some things I have learned in the world of advertising and marketing that have made me a better UX designer.

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