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Test Everything You Got, Regardless of Its Polish or Fidelity

Sketches, wireframes, et al -- all worthy of testing
Sketches, wireframes, et al — all worthy of testing

Whether you test your work on a regular cadence or only once or twice per cycle, the inevitable question that arises is what to actually test. We start to wrestle with the pressure of maximizing our time and money spent on testing and getting the most insight for that expense. Is it best to put a rough sketch of an idea in front of potential or existing customers or to wait until there’s a more fleshed out version to show? Should it be clickable (really clickable, i.e., working code) or a mocked up experience created using Axure, Powerpoint, Fireworks or any other tool?

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Useful Wireframing and Prototyping Tools

Concept of globalization hits the world with ceaseless creativity and imagination amongst people ranging from the youths to the elders. Judging by the fact that creativity produces opportunities in the field of marketing, wireframing and prototyping are definitely in the list. These are tools which not only make your websites appear to be nice and neat, but also attracting.

wireframing and prototype tools Useful Wireframing and Prototyping Tools   Roundup

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