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9 Useful Techniques for User-Friendly Tables

Tables are great for displaying information. But making them user-friendly is a challenge. One reason it’s challenging is because the table grid limits the amount of information you can display in a table cell. This means you have to figure out how to display the information the user needs without displaying too much of it. Also, when users read tables, they need to move their eyes vertically and horizontally to scan information. If your table isn’t easy to scan, users can easily lose their place as they move their eyes down columns and across rows.

The following techniques solve these design challenges so that users can read and process your tables with ease.

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7 Useful Design Strategies for a Successful Pricing Table

One of the most important and difficult pages to design for web applications is the pricing table. When users get to your pricing table, they likely have a basic understanding of your web application and what you offer. Now, they want to know how much they have to pay to use your application. If your pricing table isn’t effectively designed for conversions, you are probably losing potential customers. However, these seven design strategies can prevent that from happening, and convert interested users into paying customers.

1. Soften the Pricing

Users who look at your pricing table want to know the price to each of your plans. However, don’t make it glaringly obvious that they are spending money by emphasizing the pricing. The more they feel like they’re spending their hard-earned money, the less they’ll spend. Instead, soften the pricing and put more focus on the benefits and features of each plan.

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