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Test Everything You Got, Regardless of Its Polish or Fidelity

Sketches, wireframes, et al -- all worthy of testing
Sketches, wireframes, et al — all worthy of testing

Whether you test your work on a regular cadence or only once or twice per cycle, the inevitable question that arises is what to actually test. We start to wrestle with the pressure of maximizing our time and money spent on testing and getting the most insight for that expense. Is it best to put a rough sketch of an idea in front of potential or existing customers or to wait until there’s a more fleshed out version to show? Should it be clickable (really clickable, i.e., working code) or a mocked up experience created using Axure, Powerpoint, Fireworks or any other tool?

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The Science Of Usability Testing

From unskippable cutscenes to galvanic skin response, we investigate the world of videogame user research.

Difficulty spikes, unreliable checkpoints, context-sensitive buttons that might open a door, but might bounce a grenade into your lap instead: these things matter. “Every moment in a game, you’re bleeding players,” says John Hopson, Bungie’s user research lead. “Hopefully, you’re bleeding them as slowly as possible. The most powerful thing I ever did on Halowas make a graph showing how many players we lost each mission. We had these people: they bought the game, they wanted to play, and we failed them.”

Usability testing didn’t start with videogames. It started with product development of a more domestic stripe: with teapots, toasters and car dashboards. Although designers have always spared a thought for their audiences since the days of Jet Set Willy – it’s hard to make even the simplest videogame without thinking of what the player’s going to do or see from one second to the next – it’s only become a serious issue in the games industry relatively recently. Yet with no bespoke track at GDC, no standardised terminology, and no agreed best practices, usability may be gaining respectability, but it’s still one of the least understood aspects of design. That poses some interesting questions. How does the industry approach user research today, and why has something so fundamental waited so long to be taken seriously?

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Usabilla Report: The UX of 18 Leading Travel Websites

Summer finally hit Amsterdam. In the vacation high season we decided to devote our very first quarterly user experience report to the travel sector. We lined up a total of 18 travel sites in three different categories (hotels, airlines, and comparison sites) and invited 800 participants to give feedback and perform simple tasks.

Report: UX in the Travel Sector (cover)Screenshot: Shatner made quite an impression on Priceline.com

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How User Scenarios Help to Improve Your UX

Why would I take the effort to write a user scenario? I know my target group—is that not enough to design for them? Knowing your target group is important and working with personas definitely helps to ‘get to know’ your users. What personas do not tell you is why users come to your site, what exactly they are looking for and how they go about it. A good user scenario helps you grasp your users goals and design your product to perfectly match them. Get to know your users, understand their motivation for visiting your site and then start designing. Let’s have a look at how working with user scenarios can help us to achieve a high user experience.

User scenario for the action ‘open a door’.

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5 Web Accessibility Improvement Tools

Over the past few weeks we’ve been showcasing some amazing articles, tools, and videos in our Resources section. Our twitter followers have gotten a taste of these resources and have let us know they are really enjoying them! Today I would like to share some tools with you that focus on accessibility, a very important sector of user experience.

Improve Accessibility

Here are some tools you may find useful increase accessibility, a constant battle that UX designers have to face:

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(More) Useful Web Usability Testing Tools

Usability and User Experience (UX) are two extremely important factors for developing a site or app that really stands out from the competition. With the increasing competition in sites and apps, there are also an ever increasing number of tools to help you make your site or app more usable, and to help you ensure you provide a great experience for your users.

usability (More) Useful Web Usability Testing Tools

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Tools to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Usability testing is test conducted to collect feedback and information from your website’s visitors or regular readers that can be very useful for future website revamp, enhancement or other adjustments. Designers and developers may have created websites according to specifications, but ultimately it is the users who will decide its creditability (how far it is usable), the highlights of the site and what does it lack of.

usability testing Tools to Improve Your Websites Usability

How to know whether a visitor likes your website? Usability tools provide an answer to this by tracking user’s actions. The tracked data gives you a precision of what a user like about your site, which area is the most prominent, most used and places which most users avoid. Do not underestimate the data collected because these figures can significantly boost up your site’s performance in terms of sales conversion rate, click-through and more.

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Usability Testing With Children: A Lesson From Piaget

Children need to be recognized as their ‘own’ target group with very specific abilities and needs. They have a strong purchase influence on their parents, are starting to recognize their role as consumers and also need websites with a good user experience. That’s why we need to focus on what children want, and include them in our user testing.

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User-Centred Design and Mobile User Experience

What Is UCD & How Does It Relate to the Mobile User Experience?

So what is this ‘user-centred design’ (or UCD) you have been hearing about? Well it comes down to you really! As the user you are bombarded with a plethora of experiences and interactions through websites everyday. UCD is a design philosophy in which your needs, wants and constraints are taken into consideration at each stage of the design process.

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Are your users S.T.U.P.I.D? How Good Design Can Make Users Effective

It is an honest question: how smart are your users? The answer may surprise you: it doesn’t matter. They can be geniuses or morons, but if you don’t engage their intelligence, you can’t depend on their brain power.

Far more important than their IQ (which is a questionable measure in any case) is their Effective Intelligence: the fraction of their intelligence they can (or are motivated to) apply to a task.

Take, for example, a good driver. They are a worse driver when texting or when drunk. (We don’t want to think about the drunk driver who is texting.) An extreme example you say? Perhaps, but only by degree. A person who wins a game of Scrabble one evening may be late for work because they forgot to set their alarm clock. How could the same person make such a dumb mistake? Call it concentration, or focus, we use more of our brain when engaged and need support when we are distracted.

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