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Retail E-Commerce Usability Part 4: Making the Most Out of Quick Look

How can you get your customers to the shopping cart faster?

In an attempt to get users to shop faster, many online retailers have added a “Quick Look” feature that allows customers to remain on the multi-product page while adding an item to their virtual shopping cart. In my opinion, this feature is extremely useful when shopping online and has the potential to increase sales.

Think about it. If users can find out the information they need about a product and add it to their shopping cart whilst remaining on the same page, they:

  • can make a quicker decision about whether the product is right for them or not (meaning they can move onto another product faster)
  • do not need to wait for the page to load
  • do not need to click back in their browser to get back to the multi-product page
  • do not lose their place on the multi-product page

However, there a few key rules that need to be followed to ensure that your Quick Look feature is effective.

    1. Show it off – Make sure users know that the Quick Look feature is available on your site by simply putting the text at the bottom of each product image or by having the text appear when the customer hovers over the product.
    2. Make it More than a Look – To make your Quick Look feature as effective as possible, it should have the following:
      • Item description
      • Item details (e.g., content, place of manufacturer, care instructions , specifications, special features, weight, parts included, etc.)
      • Alternate views of the product including a zoom feature
      • Alternate colors/styles available (Name and image or swatch)
      • Available sizes and inventory status
      • Add to shopping cart option
      • Add to wish list option (if applicable)
      • User rating (if applicable)
      • Sharing options (e.g., Email a friend, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Let’s take a look at the online retailer ModCloth.com for an example of best practices when it comes to the Quick Look feature.

The only thing missing from ModCloth.com’s Quick Look feature is an option to go straight to the shopping cart (See Anthropologie.com example).

  1. Keep it Quick! – One of the most obvious mistakes that retail e-commerce websites make is bringing users to their shopping cart immediately after they have added an item. Would you want to take the items you shop for to the register one by one? Show customers that their shopping cart has been updated, but don’t force them to go there until they are ready .Don’t waste their precious time!

A different way to quick look…

Now that we have looked at what makes an effective quick look tool, let’s take a quick look at a less conventional quick look feature, that is still effective.

Neiman Marcus has created an elegant quick look tool in their Beta website redesign. Instead of a pop-up that opens on top of products, the quick look information unrolls itself within the browser, revealing additional views, product name, available sizes and colors, and the option to place the item in the customer’s shopping bag.

While there are a few things missing from this quick look feature, it is still a great example of how the quick look pop-up can be aesthetically changed to match the users’ taste (Can you see what’s missing?).

Remember, usability and design go hand in hand! Added features that don’t work only clutter a website and confuse users. Make sure your site is usable. Contact us for more information about our research and testing services.

via: http://evocinsights.com

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