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How to Improve Conversions through Surveying

In business, the customer may not always be right, but when it comes to getting better conversions through your website – it pays to listen to what they want. In fact, by asking the right kinds of questions, you can get vastly more information and insights that go well beyond your typical analytics package.

Surveying potential customers is a good indicator of where users may be slipping through the cracks in your sales funnel. Of course, most customers don’t have the time to fill out page after page of questions, so what you ask, and how you ask it, can make all the difference.

With Surveys – Less is More

The first step to writing intelligent survey questions begins with the end in mind. Ask yourself, what goals do you want to achieve with this survey? An open-ended statement like “to find out what my customers want” isn’t a concrete goal, because the answers could be all over the map. Questions without a clear objective also make it impossible to create a prioritized list for your team or developers to focus on.

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Green Button vs. Red Button

Should I put a red sign up button or a green sign up button on my page? Which one would get the most clicks? This is a classic problem that people building web products often face. People are constantly trying to figure out the one color that works best for all websites. We’ve been asked this question numerous times: Which color should I change my sign up button to?

The reality is that there is no universal color that works for all websites. There are some patterns that can help you get to the right answer though. The following is a great example of this in practice.

Ok, do us a favor and don’t read ahead. Look at the following two screenshots and answer this question: Which version of this homepage got more signups — red button or the green button?

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How To Use Google AdWords To Reach The People Who Didn’t Click On Your Ad

Have you ever been stalked… by an ad?

I have. It started when I clicked on an ad for a fitness product. I read through their sales page, considered the offer, and honestly, I was tempted to buy – but I decided not to.

It didn’t end there.

I started to notice this company’s ads everywhere – on Google searches, on image ads while reading completely unrelated sites, and even on YouTube videos.

One day, I was thinking about getting back into shape, and I bumped into the same ad again. I clicked through, and bought the product.

Clearly, stalking me worked for this company – so let’s talk about how you can do the same!

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How To Engage Customers In Your E-Commerce Website

One of the most influential factors in our buying decisions is the opinions of our friends and relatives. Likewise, a large majority of online shoppers now trust what other customers say about the products they buy more than the e-tailers themselves. The reason is that we trust people who are “on our side,” even if we do not know them personally.

This attitude was described as the “Amazon effect” by Joshua Porter in his book Designing for the Social Web. He observed during his tests that people always started shopping on Amazon first. Their main reason was not that Amazon was better or that they had an Amazon account; they simply knew that on Amazon they could always find trustworthy information provided by people like them. They wanted to know the “truth,” not an idealistic vision of the product decorated by marketing cliches.

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